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Floating my Boat

A Repository for Stuff that I Like

Radio Radio

Radio from CB through HAM to PIRATE BROADCAST which wholeheartedly grabbed my enduring attention from an early age..... but only very rarely legitimate legal Broadcast Radio, most of which from childhood to present day is pretty dreadful, albeit with the advent of DAB and Internet Radio, things have improved ... SLIGHTLY, however, from the first time I heard the free-spirited sound of Radio Caroline in the mid 70's , broadcasting from what could only be described as a semi-wreck at anchor in the North Sea .... Free Radio grabbed my heart. The rest as they say is history, and what I have I would like to share with you here.

Batt Hall Weather

An endless fascination for most Brits ... because we get such a lot of it!

Instant Weather provides data on the current weather conditions at Batt Hall. A Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station is located 4M above the ground, providing live Temperature, Wind Speed and Barometric Pressure data.

Live WeatherCam is mounted on the roof and provides a view from Batt Hall looking out over Sudbury. This is a live HD video feed and will open in a new window.

Historical Weather with thanks to Weather Underground, has been recorded at Batt Hall since 30th October 2014. All of this data can be reviewed by clicking the button below.

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